Sunday, 30 August 2009

Life In Perpetual Beta

Life in Perpetual Beta is a documentary film from Melissa Pierce about the ways in which technology has/is/will change the ways in which we thinking about ourselves as individuals and a society. It is exploring the cultural shift that technology creates as it enables people to live less planned and more passionate lives.

In December I met up in London with a San Francisco-based camerawoman Adrienne Brawley who filmed an interview that I did by video Skype with Melissa Pierce in Chicago (in fact Melissa was somewhere else, at her parents-in-law’s place if I recall). She was in her pyjamas early morning somewhere in the US and I was supping a pint of Guinness somewhere in deepest west London. The plan was to shoot the video in Borough Market in an empty bar, but the plan kind of changed. It was one of those days. There was no plan. And that’s what ‘Life In Perpetual Beta’ is all about.

You can check out my interview below (or click here) and see all the other interviews on the Life In Perpetual Beta website. Other interviewees include Dan Pink, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hsieh, Seth Godin and loads of other really cool people.

You can follow Melissa on Twitter here.

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