Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Staying Fresh

I blogged yesterday about the importance of not being a workaholic when you are sweating hard in your job. Not only does that benefit your lifestyle it also benefits your business and your productivity.

Because if you’re looking for innovative ideas, solutions and strategies you need to stay fresh. Freshness is part of my professional DNA: I offer my clients a fresh perspective in helping them exploit their market potential. So I have to stay fresh myself, I can’t get stuck in a rut. I need to dip in and out of projects, assignments and working practices to ensure I stay stimulated and inspired and continue to be good at ideas.

It’s like Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi said to me on a rooftop in Paris last year – ‘inspiration out is a result of inspiration in’ so you need to keep on getting inspired yourself if you are going to inspire others. And it’s very unlikely that you’ll do that sitting at your desk or in your office, so you need to get out.

Today I’m off to the South of France for a couple of days. With an agenda, an empty Moleskine and an environment where I know I can generate good ideas, it’s my annual ‘awayday’, an investment in my personal development. My way of staying fresh.

So try implementing some initiatives to ensure you stay fresh. You don’t have to go to the South of France, try what currency works for you. Have a personal brainstorm in a coffee shop, work from home one morning or just break the routine. It can make a huge difference to your success and productivity.

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