Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Create A Sustainable Economic Model And A Sustainable Lifestyle Model (in other words - Juggle!)

At the heart of ‘Juggle!’ is the belief that you can be successful in business without sacrifice the quality of your life.

The goal is in having both a sustainable economic model and a sustainable lifestyle model. What the hell does that mean? It means: make enough money and be happy.

The key is very simple: do stuff you enjoy. Be passionate about it (and don’t do the stuff you don’t enjoy).

Mixing up your passions and diversifying your business interests creates sustainability for both the commercial viability of your business and for having fun.

My friend Mark runs a small business. The company makes radio documentaries; represents clients in music publishing …and …… works as a developer building family homes.

We might expect radio and music go together, but not radio, music and property. But diversification is good for the bank balance as well as being good for the soul. It’s corporate juggling. Mark has succeeded in mixing up his passions, ideas and talents in a business portfolio. And without all three balls to juggle, he wouldn’t have a solid business.

How does he ‘get away’ with that breadth? Because he is good at what he does, because he has imposed no limits on the business. He’s an expert in certain areas but also a trusted pair of hands for music and entertainment projects. He’s a juggler. It's the same with a load of other people I know. The photographer who also works in a camera store, the jeweller who also works in HR 3 days a week, the commercial illustrator who teaches at college.

Try rethinking your role, job or freelance life to stay viable - and to stay stimulated.

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