Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Some people STILL don’t get it! ‘Work’ is a mindset, not a place you go.

So I was in my neighbourhood coffee shop this morning and I bumped into a friend. ‘Not working today?’ he asked.

I told him I was very much working. But he didn’t get it. But where’s your office, how can you be working having an espresso, he asked. ‘I AM my office’ I told him.

Because work is not about walking into an office, sitting behind a desk anymore. It’s about finding whatever currency suits you, what makes you productive, what delivers RESULTS. Time and location are less important.

We must ditch this culture of productivity being measured by how long we sit in an office and instead recognise that you can work anywhere, that you might have the best – most valuable – ideas in the shower or on the train, and that there is a correlation between getting out of the office and staying fresh, stimulated, motivated and productive.

So start getting OUT of the office….


Steve Marshall said...

Every time I get my hair cut the barber says, "Not working today?" Why on earth would I want to go to his place on a Saturday morning and queue with the other 'workers' ?

I guess not many jugglers sit in traffic jams or ride the 0805 into the city!

Ian Sanders said...

That sounds ever so familiar Steve, I get the same every time I go for a haircut.
The joys of juggling....!