Wednesday, 28 January 2009

'What Do You Do?'

( A post from the 19:30 train home...)

One of my meetings today asked me what I'm working on in right now.

Like that dinner party question 'What do you do?' I struggle with a one word answer.

So I told him what I had done yesterday:

*deep breath* 'I'm advising a TV company on sales and marketing; devising marketing ideas for a radio technology client; working up a radio idea for a PR company; writing copy for an engineering client; producing a series of videos; developing ideas for a property business; promoting my new book 'Juggle'; mentoring a woman who has just lost her job; co-authoring an e-course in work survival tips; promoting myself as a TV expert; coming up with ideas to promote my children's book; taking 10 minutes out to read my son a bedtime story; whilst tweeting and blogging about all this'.

Today? Today was another story.


chandramlee said...

I want that shirt!

Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Chandra, we are going to get some made and make them available online!