Monday, 26 January 2009

It's All About Ideas...

I do a lot of different things in running my business OHM (and in writing books) but one thing that unites everything is IDEAS: they are the lifeblood of my own business and what I offer clients.

As ever I have had a varied day today juggling lots of different stuff, a brainstorm for a new product development for one client; a meeting with a contact who may turn into a client in a couple of months time. So it’s been a day rich in ideas.

Lots of people ask me about being good at ideas. And this is what I know.

The best ideas are the ones you have instinctively.
The best ones are when you walk out of the client office, you’re buzzing with thoughts you need to scribble down as soon as you get to the car, taxi, tube, coffee shop. Those ones are worth a lot.
Sure you can brainstorm, get your team around the table and develop them, but I bet the best ones are the ones you have just like that!

Watch my video brain dump on ideas here.

(this video doesn't have the production values of my usual ones. No crew. No Script. No genius editing. Just me talking to a camcorder after a meeting this morning)

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