Monday, 30 June 2008

'Remember, they came here for the coffee'

What is your view of Starbucks?

A brand that is passionate about coffee or a brand that has lost its way?
I like my espressos but I would rarely – if ever – go to Starbucks. It doesn’t say ‘passionate about coffee’ to me anymore.

But Starbucks is going back to basics. The Observer reported that Founder Howard Schultz has told shareholders the current economic environment is 'the weakest in our company's history' and they need to make changes:

'We somehow evolved from a culture of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation to a culture of, in a way, mediocrity and bureaucracy,' he conceded recently. 'We have somehow lost our edge.'

By focusing too much on other stuff: whether selling sandwiches or setting up a record label, Starbucks has lost its way.

And a lesson here for ALL OF US.

Sure, as we grow our businesses we need to expand, diversify, grow. But make sure you remember why clients liked you in the first place.

Remember they came here for the coffee.

So remember what you’re good at, remember why people use you and don’t neglect the basics.

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