Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Inspiration from BeachWalks

Roxanne Darling has been posting regular almost-daily Beach Walks videos for a few years, and is now up to #559; insightful and inspirational nuggets on life and business. Unscripted but meaningful rambles to camera from Rox on the beach in her native Hawaii as she walks her dog before her daily swim. Watch on the website or as a podcast.

Her recent video is on the democratisation of being an expert. I've always positioned myself as a generalist rather than an expert: good at lots of stuff, rather than just at one thing. Which is always a tough sell. It's a theme I talk about in "Leap!”

Writing that book has - I guess - made me an expert on working for yourself. But in the democratisation of expertise, being an expert is not about academia or being an intellectual; it's about DOING IT. And that’s what success is all about…

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