Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Doing 'New Stuff'

I had lunch last week with a client, a brand manager who was talking about about a TV deal he'd had to strike.

'But I didn't know anything about negotiating TV deals' he commented.
Yes, but you didn't know anything about doing publishing deals either, but you did that okay too, I reminded him.

And that's the whole point of life in the Scrambled Up World Of Work. There's no training courses, no manual to read on deal-making, no seminar to attend on new technology. You just have to embrace it all and get on with it. Find out, learn and fast. And the best way to do the finding out bit, is by just getting on with it.

Executives have to broaden their skill-sets and talents as they go. You learn on the job.
And if you want to be enterprising and you want to be successful, there is no alternative.

Fifteen years ago I had no idea of how to run an audio facilities house. Ditto producing a big event, managing a band and all the other ventures and projects I have ever been involved with.

Saying 'I don't know how to do that' is just not an option when you have to deal with new stuff. And there's no training course to go on either....

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