Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Inside Dave Stewart’s Ideas Factory

I've had a file on my desk for nearly twelve months bulging with cuttings and notes on Dave Stewart. Ever since I discovered Dave had an awesome portfolio of business activities and creative projects, I decided this was a guy I wanted to meet. Despite attempts and the good efforts of his manager, Dave was just too busy on his London visits to meet up. Then a few weeks ago I spotted Dave in London’s Wardour Street. He was stranded in town because of the volcanic ash cloud. We connected on Twitter and several emails later, yesterday we finally met.

We chatted for an hour about Dave’s ideas factory, his new book ‘The Business Playground’ and how he manages to juggle so many projects. A video of our conversation will be posted online in June.

Dave is President of ‘Weapons Of Mass Entertainment’, his very own ideas factory in LA. As ‘ring master’ Dave sits across a range of ideas from movies and music to product development, books and TV shows. Dave describes his office as a madhouse and says many of his ideas are borne out of chaos. After our interview Dave gave me a glimpse inside the ideas factory via some video clips on his Mac book – here’s a behind the scenes tour of life in his office:

if the video above does not display above, watch it on YouTube here

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