Monday, 12 April 2010

A Short Story

Last year I approached someone about a project idea. We had a good telephone conversation; we suggested some action points and agreed how we’d move forward.

I fulfilled the actions and waited. I heard nothing, but I was patient as I knew this person was busy (but of course - aren’t we all). So I ‘phoned the person, left a message with an assistant, I emailed them (several times over several weeks).

But I still heard nothing. No ‘sorry, I’m really busy now – I can’t respond’; no ‘look I made a mistake I don’t want to work with you anymore’. Zero response.

What is that all about?!

Friends and clients who work for themselves or are freelance tell me this is a familiar tale. They often have meetings or conversations with people about doing business, they invest time and effort in follow up but then hear nothing back.

I have no great theories to offer here, no guarantees for avoiding such relationships, no magic wands.

But quite simply – I offer you this: “I just don’t get it”


Erik Posthuma said...

I agree, it is frustrating, annoying, rude and disrespecting of your time. That being said, thanks for the post, it highlights an action that I find myself doing sometimes as well.

Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Erik.
Sure it's a reminder not to leave emails unanswered. But a hiatus in communication is one thing; a total lack of response is another!