Monday, 29 March 2010

Sometimes It Can Get Tiring Doing All The Driving

I was explaining to a new friend what it’s like running your own business: that feeling of being in control but at the same time the relentless need for energy and enterprise to drive things forward. I equated it to always being in the driving seat, never able to be the passenger.

For me, being in the driving seat means I have to be constantly proactive, whether it’s delivering a project, coming up with ideas, networking, looking out for opportunities, just staying on top of admin, or searching for the next gig/project. It’s relentless, so it can get tiring.

Here are my tips for avoiding running-your-own-business fatigue:
  1. Take a break. Life running your own business can be all consuming  so switch off from time to time. A friend of mine finds horse riding the only part of her week where she can really switch off, work out where you can do the same.
  2. Get support. Ok, so you might never be able to be a passenger but get others to support and help you where you can. Delegate, outsource, try and lessen the demands on you and your time.
  3. Avoid overload. Be realistic with your workload and try not to take too much on at once.
  4. Aim to enjoy what you do because when you’re working that hard, you’d better like – at least most of - it. And if you’re really not enjoying it, maybe you’re not cut out for it?


Ricardo Bueno said...

I travel to speak at conferences. Often times, I try and clear my while I'm at the conference so I can relax and enjoy my time there with the attendees. Sure I work on creating new content while I'm there, but that's a bit easy. Anyway, my point here is that although I travel and it's part of my work, it's also a break from the day-to-day (at least that's how I see it).

On another note, it's perfectly fine to outsource. Of course I didn't feel this way at first. But I quickly learned that you can't wear all the hats and do it well. Trusting in others for support is a big thing.

Great post and great tips Ian!

Ian Sanders said...

Thanks Ricardo
Sure, I think business trips can be a great 'break' not in taking it easy but getting a fresh perspective on the business and get up tops of inspiration and stimulation.
Cheers for checking it out...