Friday, 11 December 2009

“Word Of Mouth Is On Steroids”

What’s the most important marketing tool out there?

TV advertising? Nope.

Newspaper ads? No.

Twitter? No.

Word Of Mouth.

Whatever the benefits of digital tools and social media, all they’re trying to replicate is good old fashioned Word Of Mouth. It’s what we all aspire to, to grow our businesses, sell our books, our products, our brand. In 10 years of running my own business it’s what I’ve relied on for business development, every single project and client has come via w.o.m.

Gary Vaynerchuk reminded me this week in London about the importance of w.o.m. and how Twitter et al have super-fast-tracked the spread of buzz; for good, and for bad. In his words, “word of mouth is on steroids”.

Here’s my two minute video of Gary talking about word of mouth and the film ‘Bruno’.

If the video above is not displaying properly, you can watch it on YouTube here


Mike Berry said...

Completely agree with Ian and Gary about WOM; the best brand advocates are always 'people like us' whom your audience trusts. The challenge remains: how to generate it: TV? Press? Online ads? Twitter?

Poor old Sacha BC. Back to Ali G now I guess?

Ian Sanders said...

Spot on Mike, thanks for that. And this is where Twitter is so valuable as a word-of-mouth-generator.