Wednesday, 28 May 2008

From Leigh-on-Sea to New Zealand In A Day (Via Kuala Lumpur, Greendale Wisconsin and Melbourne)

Google has given us some great (free) tools. Google Analytics gives me data about visits to my websites. I am fascinated to learn that yesterday Wednesday 27th May I had visits from Kuala Lumpur, from Melbourne, from Greendale, Wisconsin. And from Capitola, California (hey I have never even heard of Capitola). And in monitoring Google search engine results I also find that my book ‘Leap!’ is one of May’s Picks at Wellington Public Libraries in New Zealand. One or two clicks later and it tells me my book is on the first floor at Wellington’s Central Library (but it’s currently out on loan!).

Okay, this kind of data from the internet is nothing new but put it all together and analyse it and you can see trends and tell stories. And that stuff fascinates me.

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