Monday, 10 March 2008

The Joys Of Shedworking

Where you work is important. Sure, you might do a lot of work on the road, in a coffee shop, on a train but you’ll inevitably still need a dedicated workspace somewhere. In an office building, in a shared workspace, in your spare room at home or even in a shed at the bottom of the garden.

For those who have taken the leap to work for themselves, many opt to keep overheads low by working from home. That is fine; just make sure there is a separation between where you relax and where you work. If you choose to work at home don’t try and work in the corner of your bedroom or living room -you’ll find it impossible to switch off. Because it’s hard enough as it is blurring work and play, so you have to make sure you can shut the door of the office. So wherever you choose to work, it’s got to have a door.

Many homeworkers are opting for shedworking, a cost-effective and practical solution for one-person offices. Shedworker Alex Johnson has established a
Shedworking blog, documenting the “lifestyles of shedworkers and those who work in shedlike atmospheres”.

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