Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Doing New Stuff, Meeting New People

We can all get so settled in our roles; doing the same old thing, dealing with the same people it can all get a bit too familiar. Knowing how your next meeting will go, aware of the personalities of your suppliers and project teams. But it's great to meet new people to broaden your horizons, get a fresh take on something or inspiration on a new approach to doing business. It makes for a really fresh injection of energy and ideas to a project or business venture. When I trialled a new supplier on a project, not only was it a breath of fresh air to benefit from some new ideas, but it reinvigorated my own offering. Similarly, since our 'black book' of contacts is the lifeblood of our business; it's great to extend the network to include contacts of contacts.

I am currently midway through a day of meetings with New People and it feels good. Good to be challenged and stimulated away from the status quo. Good to get a fresh take on things. It's always interesting to find out people's backstory - of how they have progressed in business; what were the catalysts for change were in their own stories. It's valuable not just because I find it simulating to meet new contacts; but because it is inspiring for my next book project too.

So stretch your horizons and schedule some meetings with new people. Get your clients and associates to introduce you to their contacts; identify and target business owners and professionals that you might want to work with online. And go and be a pioneer for the day....

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