Wednesday, 6 February 2008

'Global' Meets 'Village'

What has always stimulated me about my own business is having an eclectic mix. I’ve had days where I met with Benetton in the morning, a local arts festival in the afternoon. Dealing with a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company one day, a sole trader the next. A client is a client in my book, whether big corporation or one-person business. Many companies talk about being global, but in the long tail of business there's a growing number of companies who pride themselves on being village, not global. I like the challenge and stimulation of dealing with both ends of that spectrum.

Those dramatic juxtapositions are reflected in some recent press interest. Last week I did a telephone interview with The New York Times* (1m + readers); yesterday I did an interview with my neighbourhood newspaper The Leigh Times (20,000 + readers).

From The New York Times to The Leigh Times; completely different ends of the spectrum, but equally valuable.

* The NYTimes sent an ace photographer Sebastian Meyer to shoot me, he’s a talented guy. Check out his website

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