Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Picturing The Goal

A writer friend gave me a Paul Smith notebook for Christmas last year. In it I started to scribble thoughts and goals as one tends to do at the end of one year/ start of the next. I'd revisited the idea of writing a book and one of the notes I scribbled in the first days of 2007 was that in twelve months time I'd have a book published. This week that goal comes to fruition as my book is published on 21st December, 351 days after scribbled that goal.

It's taken a lot of luck and hard graft (and more than a year in gestation) to get a book written and published. Sometimes a clear goal or vision can help empower results. I had a clear vision (and self belief) that the book would happen.

Twelve months ago I visualised seeing the book in Borders, now it's a reality *.

You can achieve a lot in 351 days....

* Well nearly in Borders, it's on Amazon now. Borders in January...

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