Thursday, 20 December 2007

Bad Service And Six Year Contracts

I overheard an Account Manager from a supplier visiting a client who had a problem with his product.

His predecessor had mis-sold the product, but the new Account Manager wasn't prepared to take the responsibility. The guy who sold the piece of kit had left the company and now the client were tied into a contract.

And not just any contract. A six year contract. Six years??!! I don't know what form my business will be in one year, let alone six years. How can this arcane approach survive in a competitive market?

And to make matters worse, the Account Manager explained - if you have a problem with the contract, you'll have to talk to the Contracts Department.

In my book an Account Manager manages an account with a client. Full-stop. And doesn't divert questions and complaints to other parts of his organisation.

Let’s hope the company will be extinct in six years… in the meantime, I'd rip up that contract.

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