Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Importance Of a Friday

Research just published by the Centre For Economic Performance at the London School of Economics shows Britons put in the most work hours on Tuesdays, and the least on Fridays. The report’s authors suggest employers reorganise working practices, concentrating employee’s hours in the middle of the week.

No great surprises there. Most of us get into our stride on Tuesdays and by the time the end of the week comes, are getting the Friday Feeling.

But business should be cautious about drawing a correlation between hours put in and productivity. In the scrambled up world, productivity and results are rarely amount of hours spent at your desk or in the office. They are about more crucial indicators: did you have that big idea? Did you do that deal? Did you hit your forecast? Was that new product a success? Were you passionate and positive about your job?

And that’s when you can have great results just from one hour at work, with the right attitude, rather than a gratuitously long day when you struggle to be productive. Maybe the aforementioned “Friday Feeling” has more positive value than first thought. What better day do have the best idea and do the best deals when you are relaxed, positive and feeling good about the day?

Here’s to Friday.

(only 5 days to go)

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